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Read Before Going to Mumbai | By Anupam Shyam Ojha

Read Before Going to Mumbai | By Anupam Shyam Ojha

1. There are  many casting agencies or coordinators who ask for artist card and thousands of rupees in exchange of role. Simply, one should ignore such tempting offers upfront. Please don't get trapped in such cases.

2. Never show your desperateness to anyone about doing anything for entering into acting or media platform. People might take advantage of the same by asking for money or compromise.
3 Some casting agencies might ask for one time Registration Fee also apart from taking some percentage of commission from the work payment . The point is to decide whether or not one should pay the fees or not. First, we should know, why such agencies charge a registration fee.
  Few reasons are -
  There might be few actors as well who after getting their cheques from the production house don't turn up to pay the commission to the casting agency or coordinators.
  The payment cheque of the serials done by an actor comes after 45-90 days. Casting agencies have to bear their office expenses etc as casting is only their job and source of income. 
  There may be other reasons as well for charging registration fees.
It is a difficult task to identify the genuineness of the agency or the person. In such cases, we should search on net about them, we should keep checking in our network and groups about them.
 Charging a nominal fee of Rs.1000 or Rs.2000 is still ok , provided you have done enough research about them. May be, its the policy of the casting agency to charge a nominal fee. But paying huge amount of money in exchange of roles is strictly not recommended.
  So, paying or not paying is absolutely at the discretion of an actor because all agencies are not fake. But proper awareness should be there.
4.  One should not go for any kind of short cuts. Only your acting talent can make you an actor. Hard work and destiny go hand in hand. So, believe in yourself, give your cent percent hard work and then leave everything in the Universe. If its yours, it will definitely come up to you. No short cuts at all..
5. Some people might ask you for artist card.Artist card is like an approved identity card of an actor. There are only two recognized authority to issue the same. The main is CINTAA. One other is Shiv Sena. There might be few casting people who might fool you in terms of artist card.They might tell you that you are selected for some role but you will have to give your artist card. They will tell you that they themselves will get you the artist card in exchange of some amount. Later on , they will give excuses about the role which was offered to you. Also, the card which they will provide will not be valid anywhere. So, be aware of such things.
You can find out the details of CINTAA and Shiv Sena in google like their fees, their process, the benefits of getting an artist card etc.  
Generally, for small roles, artist card is not required. For lead roles, production house might ask you for an artist card. For Audition, no artist card is required.