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What is Acting ?

To understand the definition of acting we can read these famous quotes.

With modeling, you pose. You want to look your best all the time. With acting, you have to be aware of the camera, but the more you show your imperfections, the better you're going to be.

- By Diane Kruger.

Film acting is really the trick of doing moments. You rarely do a take that lasts more than 20 seconds. You really earn your spurs acting onstage. I needed to do that for myself. I would hate to say at the end of everything that I never did a stage play.

- By Sam Shepard

  • Method acting process
  • Practical session of movement and meditation
  • Voice modulation, speech and diction
  • Imagination and improvisation
  • Observation, concentration and objectification
  • Building of a character and finally performing a scene
  • Cinematic techniques
  • Techniques of action sequences (fight scene)
  • Bollywood dance
  • Grooming and personality development
  • Star Film Institute will provide you with your showreel and recommend you for portfolio shoots on minimum budget.
  • Acting in short film being made by fellow students