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 As Mumbai film Institute is one of the premier institute located at Lucknow in which the budding artists are flocking all across the Uttar Pradesh, hence we are the perfect choice for providing local casting to the film producers, who come to Lucknow with main cast. Hence supporting cast will be provided by Mumbai film Institute, as MFI is fully equipped for taking auditions/organising auditions and finalising the local casting as per the requirements of the director of the film, as well as, as per the requirements of other entities, if required for short films, ad films, corporate films or any other kind of digital format. MFI is very suitably located at Hazratganj, which is central location of Lucknow and this institute is well connected with all the artists of Lucknow as well as nearby cities and we also have the complete biodata / auditions of various artists, belong to Lucknow & Uttar Pradesh. Moreover this is also one of the primary condition by the film Bandhu of Uttar Pradesh for the producers, who want to seek any subsidy from UP Government that they have to cast maximum artists from Uttar Pradesh. Thus local casting will be very much required for the films which are being made in Lucknow or at surrounding areas in Uttar Pradesh and MFI will look after the casting.