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Film Making



Film making is possibly the broadest and most varied creative opportunity in mass media. A blend of creativity and technicality, Films are an important media, not only for entertainment and information, but also for communication. It is inclusive of feature films, documentaries, Promotional films, TV commercials, music Videos, etc. The technique of filmmaking is a teamwork which needs close and coherent organization of various skilled individuals. It involves acting, directing, producing, script writing, cinematography, sound recording, visual mixing, editing and so on.
A film maker has to concentrate on all these concepts equally. He should be having that creative as well as technical knack for story ideas and unique implementation towards carrying out an appealing effect. His job demands a lot of work that is from ideas, story, script, cast, screenplay, music, direction, budget, sets, location… and the list is endless. He has to start at the very bottom and work his way up. i.e. beginning with raising capital for the film to its distribution, screening as well as all the stages of its crafting.
The field of film making is highly competitive and has a lot of scope for employment opportunities too. Especially, in India which releases a large number of films every year. If one possesses artistic and technical skills and at the same time an ability to express ideas, this is the most appropriate field to work in. Even for acting and directing, which are basically creative fields that require inherent talent; training helps to hone the skills. In areas like cinematography, sound engineering and editing, professional training is essential.
So where should one begin from? How should you be prepared? And, Can anyone be a filmmaker?
Perhaps researching colleges and other post secondary institutions that specialize in filmmaking would be a suitable beginning. Filmmaking is complex, expensive, and also time consuming. It can also be a big business. Potential filmmakers spend many years perfecting their profession while studying all aspects of this very popular art form. There are numerous colleges that offer professional Film making courses on bachelors, PG or as Diploma. Some of them are listed in the end.
And to answer the last two questions, creativity, desire, motivation, focus, sensitivity, self discipline, patience and determination are few of the necessary attributes one must have to become involved in the art of film making. In addition, one must be compulsorily a unique storyteller (you don’t want your viewers to yawn while the movie is going on right?!)