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Our Team

 We, at Mumbai film Institute, have a very dedicated team to assist the producers in Lucknow and around areas as line produces, so that the filmmaking becomes very easy for the producers, who are outsiders, and they come to Uttar Pradesh for making good films. We assist in each and every aspect of filmmaking so that it becomes very easy and convenient for the producers to start their project, complete the shooting and then finish off their product, so that it can be released on time. It will be our endeavour to serve the budding produces of India as well as abroad to fulfil their dream of making films in Uttar Pradesh, at various locations, which suits to their story line and as per the requirement, for finalising the film. Our team is fully equipped and dedicated for this purpose and we try to support each and every member of the film unit as per their requirement so that it becomes very easy and amicable for them to make their films at outdoor locations of Uttar Pradesh.